The University of Texas System (UTS). 

UTS is committed to its students having the broadest and richest experiences; both while they are students and as they move through life as alumni.  UTS wants its students to be able to leverage the world class education they receive to enable the professional life they envision for themselves.

UTS is dedicated to making it easier for companies to connect with the rich array of students and alumni studying across 14 institutions and more than 270 fields of study.

Statesman Media

Founded in 1871, the Austin American-Statesman has evolved from its newspaper foundation to become Statesman Media — the leading media company in Central Texas. We serve generations of readers and clients through a network of affiliated products and services including print, digital, mobile, video, marketing and more. Visit,,,, and for more.

Through the Texas Intern Match 2018, Statesman Media and the Austin American-Statesman are committed to attracting and retaining the best and brightest college students to work and live in Texas, fundamentally enhancing the state’s economic landscape.